Saturday, 19 May 2012


Nail Polish

Summer is just around the corner, It's time to go and buy those bright summer nail polish colours! For summer 2012 I'ts all about the pink, coral and bright colours, they are right on trend at the moment! Most drugstores sell them and sometimes supermarkets do too, so there is no excuse to not to pick up some amazing colours! All you have to do is search for the perfect colour depending on your skin colour and nail condition! I am pretty pale so I tend too go for orangy/coral colours to make me look more tanned, bright colours are great for this too!

I love the new NARS collection all the colours are so bright and nice, and I never really liked the NARS polishes before I felt like they wasn't very opaque but this collection is amazing! The formulation is really thick and creamy! The nail polishes are £14, I beleive from the NARS website or any counters!
My favourite colours from this collection is the bright blue, the coral, the yellow and the purple! But I like them all to be honest! I think I am going too buy the yellow one so I will have 2 out of the collection!

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