Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Wishlist!<3

Heyy Guys, So recently I have been looking at other peoples blogs and I stumbled across a post called 'My Wishlist', I have seen several posts on this and I thought lets jump on the bandwagon and join in!;)  All you have to do is to name things that you would like, and explain why! So here is my version and I will hopefully get Beth to do one too! And I will try to do some more of these posts if you guys like them!!

The first thing I would like is the Liz Earle Healthy Beautiful skin kit! It retails for £31 and I have seen so much hype about the Hot cloth cleanser I wanted to try it, but I spotted this kit on the website and I thought why not try the toner and moisturiser too! And I mean at £31 for all 3 products it's not too bad considering it is Liz Earle!

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer, I have wanted to try this for quite a while because I have the Studio Finish one and I found it really lovely, It is easy to apply and it has a really creamy consistancy. The studio sculpt is supposedly even easier to blend into the skin! So that is why that is on my wishlist!

Another thing I have really been wanting is another skincare product, well a Mask, but this time it is from Origins I first heard about the Origins Masks fron Viviannadoesmakeup (Her twitter link)  -------- >  in one of her videos, and since then I have been dying to try one of them! And after looking through the website I decided I want to try the Clear Improvement charcoal mask! It claims to clear pores which is what I like a mask to do! And another reason I want to try this is because I have never tried an origins product before! (Yes I can tell what your thinking, 'what'!!) But I have never got round to trying one of thier products.

Anyway thanks for reading guys!
Georgia and Beth!xxxx

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