Thursday, 2 August 2012

Summer Essentials!<3

Heyy Guys! So today I am going to be doing a post on my top summer essentials!
My summer essentials!^

So the first thing which is my holy grail summer product is the Johnsons Holiday Skin Body Lotion! This product is a lotion which has tan in it, You apply the lotion once a day, and after about 3-6 days you will notice that your skin will apear more glowing and bronzed! I use this all the time in summer because it makes me feel more confident when I am wearing shorts!

The next product is the Clarins Cleasing Milk! I love this product it is a gentle cleanser which gets rid of any left over makeup! I like this because it doesn't irritate my skin which quite a lot of cleansers can do to me. I like this for summer because it also gives my skin a subtle glow, Which every girl wants!

Another product it the Rimmel WakeMeUp Foundation! We have done a blog post on this before so go check that out for a more detailed description. But this foundation makes you face look great it is a medium to high coverage and has an anti fatigue affect which makes your skin appear younger with the shimmer that is in it!

Next I have the Body Shop Sweet Lemon Beautifing oil! This is am oil which can be used on your face, body and hair! I use it in my hair on the split ends! It helps to give moisture to the hair and leaves it feeling wonderful!

Next is another hair thing, It is the Black and White hair wax! This is just a lovely product I use this to keep my hair in place when I have it up in either a pont tail or a messy bun, And I also like this because it doesn't make your hair look greasy!

Soap and Glory's Body Butter is great I have this in this small travel pot and also in a larger pot! It smells gorgeous and it really moisturises my skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth, it is great to apply after using a body scrub in the shower as the scrub will open your pores and it will make it earsier for the body butter to sink in!

Next is the 17 Natural eyes palette, this includes 5 lovely natural shades of shadow, it comes with some instructions to help you apply the shadows which is really helpful. It was such a bargin too it only cost £4.99!

Another thing I like for summer is the Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara, this is a little trial size that came in my I'm Glam Therefore I am palette which I got for christmas! This makes my lashes appear fuller and slightly longer I wear this with a light shadow over the lid and thats all the eye makeup I wear for summer! I also have 2 other products from that palette in this post!

MUA's Lipstick in shade 16 Necter is amazing it is a lovely Orange/Coral colour and it applys lovely to the lips! It is only £1 but it is great, I have to wear a lipbalm underneath as it isn't that moisturising but for £1 it's not gonna be the most moisturising Lipstick on the Market!

Another thing is a Nail Paint from Barry M, the shade is 304 Mint Green and it is the perfect colour for summer, Barry M are one of my favorite rands to get Nail Polishes from, all of their colours are lovely and they all look really opaque on the nails!

The next 2 things are something from the benefit palette too, the first thing is the Girl meets Peals Highligher, This is to be applied on the cheekbones, Down the nose or even or your cupids bow it makes your skin appear more glowing and makes your cheekbones stand out!

And finally the last thing, Benefits Lipgloss in Life on the A list! It is a pale baby pink colour with a small amount of pale blue reflects, this lipgloss has really good pigmentation and is not sticky! A perfect summery colour!

Sorry for the super long post guys! Just been loving loads of products!
Whats your fave summer essentials!?
Georgia & Beth!<3xxxxx

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